Sunday, May 15, 2005


We spent part of this weekend in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Saturday, while DH was in a day long conference, I headed up to the Chattanooga Nature Center and Reflection Riding, just to check it out. Expecting a small 1-2 acre area with formal gardens and greenhouse, I was surprised to find a really wonderful and well maintained area with comfortable walking trails through the woods. Although the plan was to spend a couple of hours there, I ended up staying for 5 hours, and walked about 7 miles in all.

A litle past midway on a 3.4 mile loop, there is a pavillion with a cute little herb garden. I sat under a huge honey locust tree and began sketching this foxglove. After a few minutes I began hearing a strange tap-tap-tap sound, which turned out to be a light rain shower. The honey locust tree was so thick that I hadn't felt a single rain drop, but I stopped the sketch midway and quickly bagged pencils and sketchbook back up into their giant zip lock and into my little back pack. The rain stopped shortly after, but the sky was so grey that I decided to head back in. Of course the sun was back out within 10 minutes. I got a couple of photos of the foxglove, so maybe I'll do a little watercolor study of it one day.Posted by Hello


Laura said...

Hi fellow gardener! Well, that is some beautiful start on the foxglove drawing--too bad about the rain. I look forward to your next sketch!

Chuck Rose said...

Hey Linda,
I just read your comment on my blog, so I came to visit. Your work is good! Your plant studies remind me of Beatrix Potter's work.

You sketch a lot I see. Keep it up, it's all about practicing. And you're in Knoxville! I go there once a year to teach a Photoshop and web design seminar.

I just bookmarked you. :-)