Saturday, May 07, 2005

Phone: EDMWC

The Everyday Matters weekly challenge this week was to draw our phone. I wish I had a lovely antique phone to draw, or even a modern one with some character. It was hard to get excited about it, but then I really warmed up to the page when I decided to draw an ear to go along with it all. The plan is to write down all my important phone numbers on the white spaces on this page -- that way I have a backup list, and I'll remember where it is!

Its been a busy week, but I have gotten in a bit of art, although it isn't anything anyone would really want to look at. I bought a new shade of yellow watercolor -- Winsor Yellow, which I'm thinking will compare to Hansa Yellow, a shade that I've been advised to get but can't find in the local art supply store. If this yellow doesn't suit me I'll be sure to order Hansa Yellow when I next place an order through Jerrys. I also picked up a nice deep staining purple, since I really only had one purple and it seemed a bit reddish to use to deepen the shadows on my greens, as advised by Jim. I know, I could have just "blued it up", but then what would I have gotten to BUY this week??? Posted by Hello


Jim said...

Hi Linda, I like how you got creative with your "regular" phone by placing the ear and other "goodies" on the page. You mention Hanza Yellow and difficulty in finding it. It's my understanding that the color is unique to Daniel Smith's art supply house ... though I could be happens. Anyway, here's link you might be interested in. I was turned on to Daniel Smith paints a few months ago and really like them.

Hanza Yellow & others

Laura said...

Linda, what an interesting page, with all of its phone-related images! I think you did a fabulous job of drawing the phone itself--and how clever to have used a page from your address book!

Karen Winters said...

I think your phone turned out very well. I have been noticing ears lately, too ... I think they are among the most difficult things to draw because we don't see them from that perspective very often. We all know what hands eyes and noses look like .. but ears!
You did a nice job with that one. Should we have an ear challenge one week?

Linda said...

Yes Karen -- an ear challenge would be fun! Jim, I commented about yellow in the comments for the Mothers Day post -- Laura, I wondered if anyone would notice the address book page! :-)

Shelly McC said...

Wow, great drawing Linda. I also love how you have all the other things on this page. It all comes together nicely.

Anonymous said...

hi linda

i like the phone and the ear!

cool page, well done to add to make it interesting...

happy day, -patty