Thursday, June 04, 2009

June Boomers

June is here, and so is the season here when, without warning, thunderstorms pop up in the afternoon causing general traffic problems and other minor disruptions; happily, usually within about 30 or 45 minutes, the sun pops right back out again. We had several years of drought here, and I'm very VERY happy to say that it looks like our weather is finally back to normal. Yay!

This video (HERE) was taken only eight minutes before this photo ... which was taken as the rain slowed down and the sun came out. If you look closely you can see raindrops ... :-)

P.S. My schedule is getting back to normal, and I found my sketchbook after losing it for a few days, so I should be getting back to sketching around town soon!
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Hey Harriet said...

The weather has been quite crazy here as well. I don't think ours has been as extreme as yours though! Happy sketching :)

annie said...

In Louisiana, we call that a "gully-washer"!

I'm glad your schedule is better and especially glad you found your sketchbook!

Diahn said...

Oh, I'm SO glad you found your sketchbook...'cause now I can SEE it. :-)

Great southern it when the sun is already shining before the rain stops...

...and in Alabama we call those gully-washers, too!

Diahn said...

As in...

Whoo, boy. It just come a gully-washer out there. Didjoo get the dawgs in?