Sunday, March 16, 2008

Far Far Away

Far, far away from here is a lighthouse. In Oregon, actually. But I saw the photo in my watercolor teacher's pile of vacation pics, and it was a gloomy day with no lighthouses or seashore in driving distance, the rocks looked interesting, and DH has been wanting a lighthouse painting for over a year -- ever since I gave one away to a friend of ours. So, I painted it. I THINK it's finished. The "unfinished" shoreline at the bottom just feels right to me, and I really want to leave it that way.

The plans for today are to meet up with Diahn to make a trip to Jerry's and then go do some sketching. Lighthouses are not on the agenda, but if we HAPPEN to run across one in Knoxville, we will most certainly document it!

And on a side note -- I've long thought that one can tell a great deal about a church by the way its members drive as they are leaving the parking lot. Think about it, people.

Music of the day -- Jack Johnson "Sleeping Through the Static" and "In Between Dreams" . Lovely laid back stuff. Thanks Diahn and others for the recommendation!
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Alan said...

I am a fan of lighthouses. I recently did one with color pencil and put it on my blog. I live in Oregon so I may have to go on a road trip and see the ones here. As far as the shore goes it looks finished to me. I don't know that adding anything else to it would improve the feel of the shoreline. I haven't taken up painting larger pieces outside my sketches. The lighthouse that I did with color pencil was on 9"x12" paper and that is my largest work yet as I am fairly new to the world of making my own art.
Thanks for sharing.

Teri C said...

Oh, ah, it's beautiful!!!! Frame it and hang it!

You get to just go shopping at Jerry's-wow, that's almost better than having a lighthouse. :)

Lin said...

sO SO BEAUTIFUL, LINDA! I love how you did the rocks and the foliage expecially -- soft and so awesomely rendered! It's truly a beautiful work of art, cara!

Linda said...

Thanks, you guys. Teri, you're so right. I forget sometimes how fortunate we are to have a Jerry's right down the road. I get to easily drop by there any time I like on the way home from work ... which is tough on the budget, I'll tell you...

annie said...

I like the way it is composed Linda, very nice.

(I also agree with you on your side note about coming out of the church parking lot!)

Tami said...

Beautiful! Yup, a framer! I like the simple undefined shore line.

Don't know what got you in a wad about the folks leaving church but hope it wasn't too awful!

Anetka said...

it's just lovely, I like the rocks work and composition.
GREAT WORK again and again and....:)

bec said...

Yes, VERY nice! I especially love the way you painted the rocky shoreline.
TOOOooo funny about the church parking lot... I never thought about THAT!

Kathleen Marie said...

I like the angular quality of the rocks with their hard edges... a bit abstract. :) Great job.