Sunday, March 30, 2008

Almost All Week Long

Well, except for Friday, I managed to draw every day this week. How about you guys? I even fit in a quick colored pencil sketch today from a photo taken yesterday when we went to ... wait, that comes later ... The sketch was done on Stonehenge paper with Aqua Monolith pencils.(Yes, those pencils that Laura got me hooked on some time back -- so much so that I recently upgraded my set from the 24 pencil version to the 72 pencil BONANZA! No new shoes for me for a while ... ) I haven't done any water brushing on this yet, but might some time this week.

You've already seen the paintbrush section of this page, but here are some flowers from the back yard last Sunday. Over the past week, the Virginia bluebells and the Celandine Poppies began blooming under the trees. The redbuds are coming out, and the dogwoods buds are getting fat. The Bradford pears are losing their petals, making it look like it is snowing when the breeze kicks up.

Monday I drew the dish soap. I don't know why -- was it because it was blue? On Tuesday I got my new video camera! It is just like Diahn's -- I was so impressed with hers that I had to get one -- but it turns out that she is a much better videographer than I am. Okay -- this is little and light and I have plenty of opportunities to practice.

BTW, the camera is listed as being blue -- but it's not really -- more purple when the light hits it just right. My car is like that, too -- I actually thought it was dark blue when I bought it, but as I was driving it home the sun came out, and the hood was PURPLE! I was thrilled. I mean, who has an occasionally purple car? Me, that's who!

Wednesday evening I gathered things together for a silent auction at work to benefit the Alzheimer's Association. During my gathering together of things, I found this raspberry pink jacket that I got last year and had forgotten about. Darn it -- and the cold weather is nearly gone. I decided to keep it or give it to my daughter. On Thursday, I just drew a candle that sitting there handy. My enthusiasm shows. But -- I got Janey's new Zine -- and it is GREAT. So Thursday was good.

Friday, after an incredibly, um, long and challenging day at work, I went out to eat with my parents, who had come into town for the weekend. It was late when we got home, so I skipped drawing. To make up for it, I drew a clementine Saturday morning while I waited on my parents, my sister, and our friend Marcia to come over. Then, along with DH, we went to Dollywood for the day to see the Festival of Nations. It was cloudy most of the day, and rainy at the end, but we had a blast. Not a good day for rides, but great for shows. We heard loads of different types of music, took a lesson on how to play the Bodhran, saw all types of dancing, and nearly every country did some version of Rocky Top. This sent certain members of our party over the edge, particularly when it was done in Russian, so that by the end of the day my sides hurt from laughing so hard. Once we got home, I took a hot bath and drew my slippers. I mean, really -- you just can't top a day like that.

Again, I have to say that I'm impressed with those of you who REALLY fit in the time to draw every single day. I tend to "quick draw", so it isn't that time consuming -- but making the habit stick IS.

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Lin said...

WAY TO GO LINNIE!!! I JUST LOVE EACH OF THESE, LINDA!!! From the bootie shoes to the pink jacket to the flowers and clemintine -- wonderful, beautifull done sketches!~ You sound so busy, Linda -- but truly, these terrifically done images are so worthy of your time!! Keep it up, cara!

Diahn said...

Yaay LINDA!! Great did it! And they are all so nice - really - those tulips are smashing without any water, so I'm wondering how fabulous they will be if you decide to brush some on!

I love the pink jacket coming out of the side of the page - brilliant composition - and I think you've got a chilly day or two left to try it out!

William F. Renzulli said...

There are times when you just HAVE to's not a choice!

I enjoy looking at your work.

Lisalou said...

What a wonderful bunch of work! I especially love the pages with the brushes and flowers--love how you placed the flowers right in the middle of the two pages. I will steal that idea ;-) Lisa

Tami said...

I just LOVE these! you are right about the daily "habit" part. I is so hard to just "do it"! I really like the way the drawing skip across the pages.

Teri C said...

I am so happy you are sketching everyday because then we all get to have the pleasure of looking at them. They are all so beautiful!!!

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

I can't believe with your schedule that you were able to get all these sketches done. I'm so impressed. They certainly turned out great, each an every one of them.

Anetka said...

great work and so much fun:)
thanks for sharing, you just gave me more energy to sketch and sketch and sketch:)))
thanks again.

laureline said...

Yay, yay, yay! A day of Linda sketches is a day redeemed! I love every single thing you do, so I'm no good at picking one thing over another. And that's not my job, anyway. My job is to tempt you to buy more and more art supplies. Don't you think?

annie said...

It's so much fun to see your drawings like this! (I think my internet problems are resolved)

janey said...

I like all your compositions and your paintbrushes look like they're blooming too.