Sunday, October 28, 2007

In Search of Subject Matter

Well, even if NaBloPoMo officially starts on November 1, I tend to be a week to week kind of girl. I'm going to go ahead and start my daily posting now!

So, art wise here's what's going on around the household --

I'm working on an acrylic painting of a pair of pink flip flops. This time I'm proceeding very slowly, using almost a watercolor style technique of thin layer upon thin layer. It's turning out pretty good so far! I'm not certain enough about the outcome to post the early stages yet ... acrylics are fairly new to me and I could make a wrong turn at any moment! Still, I love the painting, and may do a watercolor version of it also.

Watercolor wise -- oh dear. I'm working on the color pink. Sounds a bit nutty, doesn't it? BUT that's how we figure things out. Fact is, I don't care too much for pink and find it very difficult to attain good values with it, even though one of my very favorite paintings that I've ever done is of pink flamingos. They just seemed to magically flow from my brush. This time, however, I'm working from a photo of some pink hollyhocks and don't think we can use the word "flow" when discussing what's happening right now. The old saying of "you've got to know when to hold them, and know when to fold them" applies to painting as well as poker. It might be time to fold and start something else! Not going to post it -- nope, not right now. Later on in the month if the daily posting gets tight I might have to resort to showing it. Of course a miracle could occur and I could pull off a good save... we'll see.

And sketchbook wise -- I'm always keeping my eye out for good subject matter, and never more urgently than when a painting I'm working on is going badly. The above little sketch is from a photo of a harbor in Gulfport, Mississippi. After trying to figure out all the masts and angles, I decided that it might not be as much fun as I first thought. Still, it appeals to me quite a bit. There's something about boats that makes me want to travel ... fried shrimp from Rickey's Bar and Grill sounds good to me right now -- how about you?

:-) Off to plan a Halloween costume, finish laundry, get ready for the work week, and do another wash on those flip-flops!


laureline said...

How could a painting be any better than that sketch?? It has all the life and zest of the scene, I'm betting---and it is just wonderful to look at! The good thing about acrylics is you can just paint over what you don't like, so don't feel too trepidatious with the pink flip flops!
PS, sweet Linda--I think that magnolia pod sketch was from the early days of my blog, which will be three years old in February. My, how time flies.

janey said...

Hey I really like this one. Pink flip flops? Should make a very dramatic painting. And Ikea has been open a week and I've been there 3x so far.

annie said...

You're a smart woman, getting an early start like this! I am almost afraid to post anything until November 1st, afraid I won't have anything to say when the time comes!

Sounds like you'll have plenty to post about, with all the things you are working on. I like the boats. I can just imagine trying to get all those masts and angles!

Teri C said...

wow, I thought that 'sketch' was a painting! The colors are so gorgeous and love how it is laid out.

Yeah for you starting your daily painting early.

Lin said...

Painterly, loose, colorful -- glorious, Linda!!! I LOVE this!!!!!

Diahn said...

I agree with Laura - that sketch is a keeper - find a frame, baby!

I can't wait to see the progress on the pink flip was already off to a great start when I saw it the other day. And you know...I LOVE PINK!!!!! :-)

Oh - and aren't you the over-achiever? I'm just stockpiling images and thoughts to make sure I don't run out around Thanksgiving or something!