Monday, October 29, 2007


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The leaves are finally beginning to change around here. I spotted this leaf the other day, captured by another tree on its way down to the ground.

I'm not able to finish tonight's drawing tonight -- maybe there will be two tomorrow. This daily posting IS going to be a challenge, as November is suddenly shaping up to be much busier than expected. That's the way the world works, though, isn't it? You're heading somewhere, just floating along, and then BAM! -- caught up in a tree.


annie said...

I guess we'll know you are caught up in a tree when you start posting the knock-knock jokes??!!

Diahn said...

:-) Such great observation...BAM...

But check the pic - it doesn't show up for me!

Linda said...

Oh -- thanks Diahn! Don't know what happened with the pic, but I think I've got it fixed now. See? I wasn't kidding! BAM!

And Annie -- you have no idea how close I came to posting a knock-knock joke last night! ;-D

Does fixing yesterday's post count as a post for today?

William F. Renzulli said...

There is no better chronical of a life than the artist's sketchbook. Drawing is a line on life. I love your sketches for their loseness and spontanaity.

William Renzulli