Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Poor neglected blog!

Well, it sure has been a busy busy few weeks! I've worked too much and let myself get way behind in other things. Several trips out of town, including a trip the weekend before last to a continuing education seminar on acupuncture -- really exciting stuff! This past weekend was my birthday (ugh -- I think I'm past the mid-point now ...) and I actually worked, but it wasn't so bad, as I went in and cleaned off the horrible mess of a desk pictured in the previous post. As a result, today I got off a little bit early, and got my herb garden planted. DH went to work out after work, and while he was gone I treated myself to a few hours of lying on the couch doing nothing (!!!) and watched "Shall We Dance" -- a movie that he would never consent to watch! Now I really want to learn to ballroom dance ...

I'm behind in the Everyday Matters Weekly Challenges, and will get back to the sketchbook tomorrow. That makes today a good day to share a photo of the bleeding hearts blooming back in the fern garden. Posted by Hello


Laura said...

Linda, I was planning on doing a sketch of my bleeding hearts today!! My plant developed by leaps and bounds when I was out of town last week. I love those little pendant heart shapes, don't you?
Great photo.
Laura aka Laureline

Linda said...

Laura, I've got bleeding hearts on my "sketching to-do list" too. I have three different varieties in the back garden, and love them all!