Saturday, April 30, 2005

Beans: A Quick Watercolor

I also tried a quick watercolor sketch of the green beans along with a red onion. Done with no sketching lines for guidance, I'm afraid the whole thing is a bit wonky -- still, I like the alizarin crimson and ultramarine with a bit of burnt sienna for the red onion . Greens continue to elude me. Posted by Hello


Jim said...

That is one killer red onion! I love the colors, wow! The beans might need just a touch more difinition, and you're right, greens are not fun. What I do sometimes is toss in a little purple to get a really deep green value...have you tried it?

Maggie said...

Oh I love this painting, the colour is fabulous.

Laura said...

Just perfect as is--so confident and strong. Your colors are great, I think. The pale green is a fantastic foil to the deep reds of the onion! For a broad range of greens, you could try mixing each of your blues with each of your yellows and seeing what you come up with. I find lovely, subtle and rich greens that way.
Congrats on a job so well done!

janey said...

I think I love the names of colors as much as the colors themselves. You should draw your palette. Now that would be colorful.

Knitting Painter Woman said...

OH YES. The onion is divine.