Saturday, August 08, 2009


I got a 15 minute break this afternoon between errands, and stopped to try out a new drawing pen by Prismacolor (heads up, people -- THEY make a 0.05 in sepia!) in the Handbook Journal. I parked in an attorney's empty parking lot, directly under the Do Not Park Here Unless You Are Visiting This Attorney sign and sketched the patio of Sidestreet Tavern over the top of the fence. (Shown darkened here, just to view a bit better.) For some reason I find sunbrellas compelling ... maybe I need to do an actual PAINTING of them. Novel idea.

Okay, back on track ... so then I took it home and added watercolor washes ...
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... okay. This particular brand of sketchbook really ISN'T for me -- for watercolor at least. Big yuk on the colors and the wimpy values I get with this paper! I just work too wet and with too many glazes.*

Later this afternoon I picked up a couple of pieces of #140 Arches hot pressed and one piece of #90 hot pressed (just for variety, you know) and am going to be sewing something up. Quickly. Toot-sweet, don't you know. I have an outing planned ...

* I ended up trying to work in some darks with my handy-dandy carbon pencils... WAY overworked.

**Uh, another note. Why in the world did I sketch in the patio light on a pole? Sigh. I knew as soon as I did it that I'd made a mistake. If I was a clever Photoshop-er I would have taken it out of the scan and you would never have known.
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Teri C said...

I hear you and I agree on the Handbook.
So good to see you sketching. Now what in the world are you up to with all these tests.

Laureline said...

I agree with you AND Teri---don't like the Handbook sketchbooks at all. Ahhh, the quest for the perfect one!
Still, it's great to see you back in the world of the pen, the wash ;D.

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

You are so good to be true, girl? I love your works. You reminds me my elder bro who draws a lot.

Have a nice Sunday---

steviewren said...

I don't see what's not to like with the way you added color. It may not be the look you were going for but to the unschooled eye it looks great.