Thursday, August 06, 2009

ISO Perfection

A mandarin orange, one of two that I picked up yesterday at the Fresh Market. Either that, or a lumpy orange circle. You choose.

I'm busy searching for the perfect sketchbook for an outing and thought I'd go ahead and give the Handbook Journal (that so many of you love) a try. Not what I'm looking for, unfortunately. The paper just doesn't stand up to the abuse I offer, although I love the 5 1/2" square size. Hmmmm... just the size to use if I decide to bind my own ....

I really like all that nice space out to the side of the orange (or lumpy circle, whichever you chose.) It looks like a nice place to jot down all those complex physics equations that rattle around in my brain. Or grocery lists. Or describe the weather. Whatever -- Funny thing is, this book makes me want to use it to sketch people -- it feels friendly, and not precious, precious. Just not right for my outing, I don't think.

For a beautiful INSPIRATIONAL sketchbook video, go visit Cathy Johnson's web site and find her youtube videos of her April/May sketchbook -- these are really wonderful, and I'm so thankful that Kate shared them with us!
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steviewren said...

Hi Linda! I heard about your lovely trip today. It sounds wonderful.

I'm just sorry you weren't in town so I could meet you too. Diahn was just as fun and pretty as I thought she would be. One day we'll all have to find a way to meet.

Zelma said...

You're baaaaack! Yeah!!!!
Love the orange.

Teri C said...

Wow, I though I was seeing things! Linda is actually posting!!!

I agree about the Handbook. I like it but it sure doens't take any abuse.

I need to go look at the video.
Let us know what you decide.

annie said...

Ha Ha! I "blew the picture up" and read your rhetorical question in the corner!

Chris said...

or, it's a version of this picture:

ha ha!

When I first read the title, I thought this was going to be about film speed (ISO).

Have a great week!

Linda said...

Chris -- I wondered who would think film speed rather than "in search of"... :-D I promise that I didn't mean to copy your photo! That's funny!