Thursday, September 25, 2008

When Totally Stuck

When totally stuck -- draw the pen.
Yep. STUCK. Diahn and I met up at Panera last night. We've done that regularly, but have spent most of our time drinking coffee, eating, talking, people watching ... you get the picture. Drawing has been sadly neglected and we realized it, so last night we promised ourselves from the onset that we would draw. Diahn did beautifully -- I struggled.
SO. Yesterday I made a promise. It went like this:

"As of TODAY -- I promise to draw every day for the rest of the month. That's six more whole days. And I will post them."

Tonight I drew a leaf. I drew the cat asleep on the sofa. I drew this pomegranate. I'll not bother showing you the others ... this will have to do!

And I'm going to blame part of it on the pens ... I kept having to throw them away and dig into my bag to get another! Seems that when they just sit for a while they dry up. Sheesh.

And I just HAVE to share THIS clever little idea from Design Sponge -- found via a link on Lorna's blog.

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Teri C said...

Sounds like a good place to start Linda. Sometimes starting is the hardest part.
So, should I nag you if you don't sketch something every day? :)

Linda said...

Yes, Teri -- you should! :-)

Diahn said...

Ooohh...every day in October? I'm up for that. Of course, I didn't draw a thing yesterday except my bath. :-)

LOVE the pomegranate - the placement on the page, the LINE.... nice! Is it in your moleskine or the new book?

Why is it so hard to just sit down and do it? Oh my god the helllllll....


Diahn said...

Oh - I forgot. When I first read the title of this post, my brain read, "When Totally Suck." I couldn't figure out how you would have written such a grammatically incorrectly title.

Sandy said...

Ok I am going to check in EVERY Day - I need inspiration too - This pen makes me Want to draw my pen!! You Go Girls!

annie said...

You have no idea how sweet it was to scroll through and see all these drawings and paintings that you have been doing while I have been away! I kept seeing the numbers of posts piling up in my Bloglines list and knew I was missing some pretty stuff! I am starting here and moving forward to see and read all I have missed...

annie said...

BTW, what a clever idea that was for the magazine holder!