Thursday, September 11, 2008

All Is Well

Today I did not suffer a chronically debilitating neck injury from holding my head at a totally weird angle trying to see my computer monitor, which is tiny and was perched up on an absurdly high hutch on the desk.

Today I did not suffer any painful injuries when I ripped same hutch from the desk, in a daring Incredible Hulk-ette maneuver.

Today I did not suffer severe electrocution from an electrical power strip that had been placed in a sink that, as it turns out, DOES still have water running to it -- and from it...

Today, so far at least, and it's been nine hours, I have not suffered and signs or symptoms of food poisoning from my lunch.

All is well.

All of these things really and truly could have happened today. While on my walk after work today, I called Diahn up on my cell and filled her in on all the hilarious and horrid details. When I got to the point furthest from my house, it started raining. Comedic cherry on top.

All is well!

I've been very busy lately, and haven't had time or energy to paint or draw. Work has quite literally doubled and I've been presented with a big new challenge -- and lots of little challenges, headaches, aggravations, and other various anti-perks. And I'm having a BLAST.

All is well!

I DO remember what today is. Do you? It helps put things in perspective. I remember exactly how I felt seven years ago today. There have been times in my life when I've been more frightened for myself or for a family member, but there has never been a time when I felt more frightened for our country. I have patients who can describe where they were, what they were doing, and who they were with when they heard that Pearl Harbor was bombed, and I always wondered how they remembered so clearly. Seven years ago, I found out. I remember still, and know that I always will.

Day is done,
Gone the sun,
From the lake,
From the hill,
From the sky;
All is well,
Safely rest,
God is nigh.

All is well. Life is getting back into balance and I'll be back with paintings and drawings soon! I love you all.


Teri C said...

WELL THANK GOODNESS YOU ARE ALIVE AND WELL!!! I have been in Linda withdrawal waiting for some of your beautiful art!!!! I'm happy things are settling down for you. About time!

Lin said...

Yes, perspective to be sure -- so glad you're well -- but you are missed!!!!

janey said...

Oh no, renovation? I feel for you, I really do. The only advise I can give is to move. It's so much less painful :D

And I do love your new banner, kitty and all.

mARTa said...

Take your time because when you do post it is ever so inspiring and beautiful. I was lacing up my running shoes on Thurs. and it hit me; this is what I was doing 7 years ago.....going out for a run when I heard a 'small' plane had crashed into a building in NY. Upon return home from my run I learned the awful truth that was evolving. We will never forget.

annie said...

I am glad you are alive and well! I have been missing you! I'm late on remembering--I was a bit preoccupied on last Thursday, but I am now catching up on my blog reading and am being reminded of the sorrow of that day.

laureline said...

Glad to hear your voice again, Miss Linda. Sorry life has been so frantic and fractious for you lately. I look forward to seeing your lovely artwork again soon.