Thursday, April 17, 2008

Goofy Grins

Grown and gone, but coming home this weekend! I found this photo of my daughter when she was little, and it just cracked me up. She's driving up from Florida and should be here tomorrow. Meanwhile, I've been trying to get work caught up so I could take a day or two off and to get her room cleaned up and ready. (Note: When you leave home, your parents frequently use your room for temporary storage of potential yard sale items and other junk -- that's why you always give parents a little heads up if you're coming home for a visit!)

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have a few moments to sketch the bloomin' back yard. But if not, I'll "see" you all next week!
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André D'Lucca said...

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annie said...

Have fun, and enjoy the visit!

Lin said...

Oh Linnie, where does the time go -- what a great photo -- and wonderful anticipation for the visit!! ENJOY!!!!!!!! Time with our children seems ever so scarce these days!

Sioux said...

Really cute picture. Isn't it fun to go back and find these photos of our kids as kids!

laureline said...

What a WONDERFUL little girl! The joy in her expression (mixed with a good bit of impishness---wonder where THAT came from ;D) is something to behold. So glad you've had time together over the weekend.

Kathleen Marie said...

Such a cute photo. I don't know what I'll do when mine leaves for college in 2 years. I'm already dreading the house being so quiet. boo hoo!