Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008 Goals

Diahn and I met today at Panera Bread to figure out our art goals (and some personal goals) for 2008. It was a fun afternoon, and I THINK I've got it together well enough to "go public" ... It was funny how we would both set a goal, and then realize that it was more of a "to do item" to get to another goal. (I hope that made sense.) As a result, I've ended up with pages of scribbles that are goals and to do's and other miscellaneous notes. We're going for bigger stuff this year!

For me, my main theme is not so much about starting anything new, but about very vigorously refining what I'm already doing. Overall I want to improve all my relationships, be more timely with responsibilities, simplify and refine my environment -- and I still want to have a good time with it all! I'm very grateful for the people in my life and all the opportunities I have been given, and want to live up to my own expectations! SO ... here goes...


Goals 1 - 4 are all about being better at the business of art:

(1) Improve my current gallery relationship. I will do this by:
- Making sure that I schedule a visit to the gallery at least once a month.
- Increasing my inventory / productivity so that work can be rotated as needed.
Timeline: now and ongoing.

(2) Get my work into another gallery or other venue.
Timeline: by July, 2008.

(3) Improve my art community relationships. I will do this by:
- More active Art Guild participation (will go to monthly meetings at least 6 months out of the year, will participate in guild shows and activities, will see what I can do to volunteer at the Art Center.)
- Join the Knoxville Art Alliance.
- Blog at least once a week (by Friday of the week).
Timeline: now and ongoing.

(4) Increase my overall output of completed paintings with the goal of one "sell-able" painting a month. I will do this by:
- Finishing one watercolor painting a month in watercolor class.
- Finishing one watercolor / mixed media painting a month outside of watercolor class.
- Finishing one other painting in watercolor or any other medium a month. (Includes pastel, etc.)
Timeline: Every month, starting with this month.
- I will have six full sized value studies completed for future paintings by the end of January.
Timeline: well, I'd better get started, hadn't I!

Goals 5 - 9 are more about becoming better at the creation of art:

(5) Work more on canvas. I will do this by:
- Well, just doing it ... I'm setting up an acrylic corner in my room ... :-)
- Diahn is great with acrylics ... pssssst...Diahn, did I mention that I want you to help teach me the tricks of acrylics?
- Taking workshops, classes, etc. as I can find them.
Timeline: I have one piece started that I plan to finish by mid-January.

(6) I will take two workshops this year.
Timeline: One is already scheduled in February. I have an opportunity to take an oil painting workshop this summer. There's also Jerry's Art in the Carolinas ... Lin keeps talking about that one! I am also going to seek out some other local artists who I've heard may give some private instruction or critiques.

(7) I need some WHIMSY in my art! I'll set the whimsy-goal in mid-January...

(8) Diahn and I want to work on some type of collaborative project. We don't exactly know what yet, but our plan is to pitch ideas in mid January and decide WHAT we're going to do by mid-February. It might be veeerrrryyy interesting!

(9) Continue to work on my drawing and painting skills by drawing, sketching, painting, and observing DAILY.
- Focus on value and composition.
- Start a themed sketchbook (theme to be determined, although Diahn, for some reason, suggested fish. She's a nut. Maybe I'll do nuts ...)
I'm open to other ideas here! ;-)


Well, one thing has lead to another over the last three years. Part of it is my age, I'm sure. Part of it is my job, which has changed from being very physical to only moderately physical. Part of it has been that I quit smoking nearly two years ago (yay me!). And part of it is just plain old Blogger's Butt. Whatever it is, I've gone from being "the skinny one" to "the chunky one." And I'm tired of it.

(1) I'm going to lose 10 pounds by the end of April.

(2) I'm going to increase my physical activity, whether it helps me lose weight or not.
-- I will walk 2 miles three times a week and,
-- I will do yoga three times a week.

I want to lose 20 pounds by the end of the year. Can I do it? I WILL try!!!

So there. ;-)

I'm not going to bore you all with the other goals regarding work and home. That just leaves me with the "to-do" list...

To Do List --
things I WANT to do this year,
and, things I HAVE to do this year:
Inventory art supplies (this week!)
Set up art accounting system for 2008
Clean and organize my painting area
Finish cleaning and organizing my study
Organize reference photos
Look at other blog platforms --(wordpress?)
Change my blog masthead quarterly
Schedule one night a week to devote solely to painting
Be more flexible with Saturday mornings (w/c class time) for family events
One self portrait this year
Continue the 500 Objects series
Evaluate e-mail lists, etc -- Reduce computer time!!!
Increase vacation and travel time!
Write a book
Start a rock-n-roll band
Save the environment
Be the driving force behind immediate and total world peace.
(just checking to see if you were still with me there ....)


Diahn said...

Can I be in your band?

And Queen of the Universe?

Great goals - it's going to be a great year! Dare to be great!!

Linda said...

Yes, you can play lead guitar.
And NO. You can be Princess, though. I'm the Queen.

Ann said...

Terrific goals - your enthusiasm and your wonderful art is very inspiring!
Have a great new year - I look forward to seeing more of your work. What's the name of your band going to be? ;)

annie said...

I was already impressed enough! I think you can leave saving the environment and world peace to some other dedicated soul!

I'd like to find a like-minded real life partner to brainstorm with about my own creative journey.

Happy New Year to you!! Will look forward to seeing your progress!

Lin said...

Ah yes, and Queen of the Universe to be sure!! What an ambitious group of goals -- all so worthwhile and worthy of persuit! You'll do it to be sure -- and I vote for you for Queen!!! Here's to a great year, Linda --!!!

William F. Renzulli said...

After reading this post I decided to close my laptop and go back to bed....I was exhausted!

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

We are still here. Great list of goals and to-do's. You'll do great. Happy New Year.

caseytoussaint said...

Oh my, what an ambitious list! I'm very impressed, but a bit intimidated. I can't wait to see more of your beautiful work.

m.Lee said...

I just discovered your blog through JAney and I already love it! Very inspiring.

I have some goals fluttering around in my head that I need to tack down into words.

Toni said...

I have been enjoying myself getting caught up on blogs and reading everyones goals, commitments and intentions. Bravo Linda. this is going to be a fun year.

I think the fish sketchbook sound cool.

Anonymous said...

The pine cones are lovely. A rock band? I think I need to re-evaluate my own goals :)

Anonymous said...

Named the band yet? I'm tired just reading all this. And are those markers there?


Linda said...

No markers -- just pens! (I'm giving the markers away to Diahn's boys ...) ;-D
The goals will be re-vamped in mid-January. There are things about them that need tweaking.

juj said...

what a refreshing perspective! these are quite lovely...