Sunday, December 02, 2007


Hey -- I think I found my groove. It occurred to me last night that I was loving painting little stuff on the smooth Bristol, so why wasn't I using it for a full size piece? So, while washes dried on the front porch painting I started this from a photo I took in Seaside, Florida this summer. Eventually I gave in, clicked onto Sammy Hagar and the Wabos Livin' it Up album on the iPod, and painted this, dancing all the while. It was so much fun -- I just can't tell what a good time I had with it. This morning I was afraid to look at it, thinking I would totally hate it, but I'm still happy with it. Yay! I LOVE this paper!

The paper corrects easily, too. This morning I realized I'd made the roof vents -- or whatever these are -- too wide.

So this afternoon I fixed them. Not a problem at all.

I just love the puddles, too. The paint misbehaves so beautifully.
Now, to decide whether or not to use colored pencil on this to do some refining...

My Christmas thing to do today (other than shopping!) was to hang the wreath on the front door. See the accidental self portrait in the glass? ;-D

Tomorrow I'll show you the four foot inflatable snowman. Believe me, it's better than the 15' long lit inflatable Christmas train that plays music ... I escaped THAT one!
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Tami said...

How cool is that, when you find something that's been right under your nose that makes your art fun?

Boo Hiss! No, I don't see your accidental self protrait. Pretty wreath though!

Linda said...

:-D You may have to open the wreath photo to look at a larger version. My reflection is exactly in the center!

Tami said...

Yep, that was it, I can see it now.

Lindsay said...

Great you found your groove with the paper AND music. Lovley painting. I've never used wc on bristol.

Lin said...

FABULOUS, Linda!! I love the painting -- and that you so enjoyed painting it! You fulfilled your desire to paint with joy!! YEAH!!!!

bec said...

Love those misbehaving watercolors! and the cool self portrait !
Thanks for showing the "easy" corrections too.

Diahn said...

Awesome!! I think it looks fabulous, but I'll be cp would be cool on it, too - helpful, eh? ;-)

I love the self portrait - I took a couple of those while photographing ornaments! Great fun!


Linda said...

Yay! I'm having a blast. Yes, Diahn -- I'm going to try the CP on it tonight. And if I mess it up -- WHO CARES!!!! Whoopeee!

Toni said...

Now I have not tried bristol yet. I think I need to go digging in my studio and see if I have some.
the painting looks wonderful and the colors are so Florida looking. Can I say that?

Linda said...

Yay Toni! Florida looking is what I was after! :-D Thanks so much to all of you!

annie said...

I love the accidental self-portrait! I was impressed that you caught yourself right in the center of the wreath!

The Florida pictures are very nice too!