Sunday, September 04, 2005


This is not the most successful of paintings, but it IS a very important one to me. I'm getting over my fear of drawing in front of people, or of even being SEEN drawing ... I actually pulled a seat up to these flowers in the front yard, right at the end of the driveway, right where everyone could see me it they wanted... and drew.

Next thing you know I'll be sitting at coffee shops, drawing total strangers! :-)
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Laura said...

Are you kidding that this is not a very good painting? It is lovely! Just my cup of tea, with its spiky lines and strong color playing off against the dark contours! Congrats on the drawing in front of people, too!

Linda said...

Thank you, Laura! Banishing browns and greys from my pallette has made a big difference. Drawing in public was the BIG thing!!!

Chuck Rose said...

I know what you mean. You're a step ahead of me.

I considered taking my sketchbook to the pool yesterday, and then I chickened out. I took an issue of "The Artist's Magazine" instead. Somehow it just wasn't the same.

Laura's got guts.


Linda said...

I don't know if I'm a step ahead of you or not, Chuck. Remember that I haven't left the boundaries of the yard yet...still, that's a big step for me, which is just SAD, people!

The spider, by the way, moved his web the next day, and then moved it again sometime this morning. I did a little research, and writing spiders are very efficient, actually EATING their webs once it gets old so they can reuse the silk. I call that being tidy!

Nita said...

I wanted to comment about the fishing lure--I love that one! and now that you've drawn in front of fish and spiders, can people be far behind?

I painted at a pretty empty self-service coffee shop this month, and the busboy only glanced as he passed. I could go there again!

janeys said...

I don't know if I'd want to get that close to the spider but he(it) really is neat. I can only draw in public on napkin. If anyone looks at me I stare off into space pretending I'm not there. Did anyone see and stop?

Ellen said...

You are not alone. I also have this fear. I mean I won't "freak out" or anything when someone comes up and watches me draw...but it makes me very uncomfortable.
You did a great job with this BTW!

Linda said...

Janey, a few cars drove by, and a couple of neighbors waved. Nobody stopped or even acted like anything odd was going on. So much for silly fears! :-)

Micah R. Condon said...

I love that spider - great lines and colors! Congratulations for getting out into the yard in public view - I've only recently become comfortable enough to paint in public myself, though I still stay mostly off the beaten path.