Sunday, November 14, 2010

How Long?

2010 11 06_8480ee

I haven't updated here in HOW LONG?

Oh, my goodness. Life has been very busy. We're blogging regularly (Diahn and I) over at Quirk, where we are doing food and recipes for the month of November. Kind of our way of keeping up our photo practice, acknowledging that the month of November becomes All About Food Anyway by the second week of the month, and giving a nod to all of the brave people out there doing NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo and NaWhateverElseMo.

Miss you guys. Off to see what the rest of you have been doing out there in Bloggerville.


steviewren said...

Just looking into those happy baby eyes makes me feel the same cares...just happy.

Melinda Owens said...

Man oh man...that is one cute baby! Those eyes! They look like they're going to get into all kinds of mischief when he's older. I've missed you here but do enjoy Quirk...I cooked a meal yesterday with a few of the dishes over there and it was a hit.

vicki said...

Oh Linda-
I have been thinking about you and wondering about your new grandbaby - and here he is - oh my- he is just precious! You must be having so much fun - (we are loving our grandbabies too!) He is such an adorable baby - I love his little cheeks and smile!

I am going to go and check out your other blog as well. Good grief - 2 blogs!!! - I can hardly keep up with one! (My latest post has new grandbaby photos also~~)