Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Thanks Lin!

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Lin, of View From the Oak, very kindly honored me with a "Creative Blogger Award" this week. It was the nicest e-mail I got that day -- all week, for that matter! Lin has been described as having the biggest heart in all of blogdom, and I would second that sentiment. She is also an inspiration for many of us -- she manages to draw and paint daily despite a grueling schedule. I want to know what vitamins she takes...

Now I need to give this award to five other bloggers -- each of them, in turn, will nominate five more. More information about this award can be found here. (what a nice idea, too!)

HOW can I pick just five? With a lot of difficulty, that's how! There are so many great creative blogs out there, I can just hope, as Lin as also said, that they will get awarded by someone. However, I need to get with it, so here we go with some bloggers that have some qualities that I would like to develop:

(1) Diahn of Art by Diahn -- smart and creative, able to flat out keep up, she helps keep me on track regularly. She also is very active with Wet Canvas and is a great source of creative encouragement there. Secretly (and sometimes not so secretly) she is a great experimenter. I am waiting for her to one day reveal that she has just completed a 20 foot sculpture of Mary & Martha wringing a chicken's neck in her back yard (of course using only junk found along the trail while hiking to the top of Mount LeConte) ...

(2) Teri of Teri's Painted Daisies -- like Lin, she blogs DAILY, draws and paints faithfully, and has a huge heart. I don't know how either of them do it! I also don't know if the two of them have ever met in person, but if THEY were neighbors they would be the best of buddies -- of that I'm sure.

(3) Debby at Drawing the Motmot -- wow -- her bird drawings are jaw droppingly good and she just recently happily gave pointers on just how to sneak up on a bird. Oh yes -- I'll be trying it, too! Her art is something to aspire to.

(4) Witness at Leaking Mind Juice and/or Sketchpot -- both of which are great blogs with wonderful creative writing and art. He tells a great story, and nobody, and I mean NOBODY draws a sumo wrestler like this guy! :-D

(5) and while I'm sure somebody has already sent her an e-mail with the same award, I can't leave out Laura of Laurelines who inspires people worldwide with her art, her vision, her dedication, and her darned enviable traveling itinerary.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, as they say. Thanks to all of you who post your work and comment and are part of this great creative community!


Cin said...

you said it truly about Lin "the biggest heart in blogdom"

congrats on your award and thanks to the introduction to more fellow blogging artists, I've peeked already and wow, some terrific work to explore!

Lin said...

Thank you both truly -- very very much ... I am honored by your words, but more -- your friendship. Thank you most for that....!

Congrats, too, Linda .. so truly well deserved ...!

Diahn said...

Wow, Linda. Thank you so much - not just for the award, but for the incredibly nice things you said about me.

And how did you know about the sculpture? :-D I'll tell you - lugging all that stuff down Mt. LeConte was no small task...

zeladoniac said...

Congratulations on the award- and thanks for generously passing it along- what an honor!

What fun checking out all the cool creative blogs you've rounded up.

And good luck sneaking up on those birds- if all else fails, a little salt on the tail works wonders.

Teri C said...

Oh gosh Linda, how very kind of you and to be in such an illustrious group. I am truly humbled. Thank you so much. It is people like you and the others that make my daily art so much fun.

Witness said...

Although I feel that your praise is undeserved, I will use your kind words as a prompt to try to do better. Thanks for stopping by my blogs and taking the time to leave your mark. I appreciate deeply the nice things that you leave for me.

Laureline said...

Love you, sweetie! Many thanks for including me here among so many talented and wonderfull people! Now I can't wait to go check out all that you've been up to while I was gone!