Sunday, January 01, 2006

Yappy Hew Near!

The new grandpuppy ... Percival T. Pug (the "T.", of course, stands for "The")...
The cat is relieved that Dear Daughter and The Son I Did Not Have To Raise live in Florida, and thus we won't be expected to do any babysitting, but I would really like to see this little guy before he gets to be much more than the double handful that he is right now!
And, as promised, here are my art goals for the upcoming year (which I've already posted to the Everyday Matters group, which is a huge bunch of folks, so what's a few more!?!):
1) Improve my watercolor technique. The watercolor class starts next week and I particularly want to improve my brushwork and my wash technique, especially around objects. Stacks of watercolor paper will be diligently "wasted" in this endeavor, I'm sure, as there will be tons of "non-pictures". That's okay. I've got the paper. Hopefully I'll also learn how to do great brilliant dark passages, too!
2) Draw / sketch every plant in my own yard. Okay -- I know this will take more than a year, but it will also be a good learning experience and, hopefully, also will be a good way to become a better gardener. Weeds may be excluded from this project! :-)
3) Do one DETAILED study of a seasonal plant each month in whatever medium, or mix of medium, that feels right.
4) Color studies! Inspired by Laura's color studies last year, I'm going to focus on a color at a time. She devoted an entire sketchbook to each color, but I'm not going to be quite that dedicated. The tentative color list is:
5) Finish the paintings that I start! This one was in my mind, but the succinct wording was inspired by Teri's resolution to do the same.
6) And, darn it, this year I'm going to get out there and draw in public!
Other than the above art goals, I have the same yearly nonsense about exercising more, eating better, keeping the house cleaner, blah, blah, blah... But I'm really going to try and do them this year! Really!


Caroline said...


your blog is full of wonderful pictures so I can see that there is ever chance of you meeting your resoluctions.

I've only just found your blog but will be back!

(and that little pug looks like a real character I hope you get to see him soon!)

Caroline said...

hmm... resoluctions must be a cross between resolutions and luck - I wish you all the luck you need to ensure that your resolutions are doable!

Linda said...

(laughing) "Resoluctions" -- Caroline, I like your new word and your definition! Thanks for stopping by!

Terri said...

Oh, the pug is adorable. :o) Good-luck with the resoluctions. (g) I'll be looking forward to seeing some of the results of your watercolour class here in the not too distant future! :o)

Diahn said...

Your resoluctions are challenging - but having seeing your work, I am sure you can attain them! I'm ready for a knoxville sketch crawl whenever you are! There's power in numbers, you know! My web page has a link to my e-mail!

Diahn said...

oops - it seems that the typo bug is catching. That should be - having SEEN your work...

Laura said...

Linda, these goals are great! But I think you should draw the weeds, too. You never know---you might fall in love with them in the act of drawing them! It will be fun to see your color studies, and, really, everything you'll do, so good luck to you, dear buddy.

buzz said...

It's funny I have a friend named "Percival" and he has a pug. I can't remember his name though.

Roma said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog with words of encouragement. I can see where the possibilities might lead me as I look through your drawings... although I have a long... very long way to go.

Diahn said...

Hi Linda - just checking in to see how your watercolor class is going - is it going??? :)